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  • Special Celebration Themes

    An Introduction

    When a traditional funeral just doesn’t seem appropriate…consider having one of our unique One Last Time Events.

    The baby boom generation has left their mark on every part of society as they progressed through the various stages. The same generation that gave us the hippy movement, disco, health clubs, 401k plans and $30,000 Harley motorcycles is now transforming the funeral industry.

    At Carson & Son, we have created a suite of very unique memorial services specifically designed for families who are looking to celebrate the life of their loved one in a truly memorable way.

    Did your loved one serve our country in the military? Consider having One Last Salute®.

    Would they have dreaded the thought of a traditional funeral but love the idea of a party? Then it’s time for One Last Party®.

    Did your loved one ask you to “not make a fuss” but you’d still like to do something? How about giving One Last Toast®?

    Did they have a passion for golf? Then it’s time for One Last Round®.

    Did your loved one enjoy spending the time cruising in their classic car or riding their motorcycle through the countryside? Take them on One Last Ride®.