Mia "Baby Mia" Otten

May 20, 2016

Mia "Baby Mia" Otten

May 20, 2016


Mia "Baby Mia" Otten, 10, passed away suddenly on Sunday, May 15, 2016 at her home in Oxford Junction, Iowa.

Mia was a good dog and a good mom to her pups. She was never a barker or a howler, she was always quiet and enjoyed being around people. She was always happy and loved when people would come up to her so she could show her love for friends and family. She was also a runner, when she would go outside she would let loose and take off at anything that she saw. Mia also gave her friends and family a surprise one day, she had a newborn puppy that was born without a tail.

Mia is survived by her pet parents Paula and David Otten; Fur Family, Zeus, Oso, Duke, Mushy, Cherokee, Sheba, Molly, Sushi, and Mya2.



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