Cremation Ceremonies

Many people as surprised to learn that in North America approximately 80% of families choosing cremation also plan on having some form of ceremony. The cremation takes care of the disposition of the remains while the ceremony provides closure and a time of healing for friends and family.

What kind of cremation ceremony would you like?

You could have a traditional funeral complete with a visitation and church service. The only difference is that at the end the body will be cremation instead of buried.

You could have a Celebration of Life memorial service which helps the family heal by focusing on the life that was lived. If this event is held before the cremation, you may choose to have your loved one’s body present for public viewing. If the event is held after the cremation, an urn containing the cremated remains could be present.

For a truly memorable experience, your family could also take advantage of one of Carson and Son’s unique Special Celebration Themes.

When choosing a cremation always remember that it’s important to take the time to gather together as family and friends, support each other, remember the stories and celebrate a life well lived.

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