Considering Cremation

Learn the top 4 cremation related concerns of Maquoketa area families

Concern #1 - Limited Funeral Options

Not so long ago, over 90% of funerals in the Maquoketa area followed a fairly predictable pattern; visitation at the funeral home, followed by a church service and concluding with a graveside ceremony.

Today’s families are looking to break the “cookie-cutter” mold and have a funeral experience that reflects their values and celebrates their life journey. Sometimes, that means a traditional funeral, but it could also mean a casual gathering of family and friends or a large farewell party.

At the Carson Celebration of Life Center, we take pride in being one of the most flexible and progressive funeral homes in the country. Yes, we will always support those wanting a traditional funeral service. But we also offer our creative One Last Event services which can be personalized to create the perfect event for your family.

At Carson’s, your options are only limited by your imagination.

Concern #2 - Having the opportunity to say goodbye one last time

Saying goodbye to your loved one is never easy. Unfortunately, in today’s culture, many people try to skip this step. The sad reality is that failing to say goodbye to someone you love leaves emotional wounds that may never heal.

At Carson’s, when possible every family is given the opportunity for a Private Farewell in one of our comfortable visitation rooms. If a public visitation is planned the private farewell is typically scheduled to precede the public time.

On a practical level, this an important step in our security procedures. On an emotional level, this private time helps family members as they mourn the loss.

Concern #3 - Finding someone to lead a funeral ceremony

Over 80% of cremations in our area include some form of funeral ceremony or memorial service. However, this can be a problem for families who are not associated with a local church and do not have a pastor to lead the service.

Fortunately, families choosing the Carson Celebration of Life Center are able to utilize the services of Colleen Petaros, our Certified Funeral Celebrant.

In May of 2014, Colleen completed training with the “In-Sight” Institute to become a Certified Funeral Celebrant.  Her training prepares her to provide services for families who: identify themselves as “spiritual, but not religious”; do not have a minister or church affiliation; and/or want a unique, personalized service. 

Colleen meets with the family to gather stories and listen to their memories.  The funeral experience is built around these stories.

Concern #4 - Taking care of everything else

All too often a family member receives the cremated remains and is left wondering…now what?

When you choose Carson’s our care for your family extends far beyond the actual cremation. After helping thousands of families over 80+ years we have found that help is needed in two key areas; practical and emotional.

To help with your practical needs, our team will provide you guidance on issues such as filing for death benefits, closing the estate and referrals to trained professionals should additional assistance be required.

To support your emotional needs, our website includes a significant amount of information to help you on your grief journey. We also provide referrals to local grief counselors.

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