Consider Cremation?

From the fun to the outright uncommon – specialty services:

Exploring some of the more notable cremation options- Full traditional or contemporary service before your loved one has been cremated with the body present at the service.

This is certainly possible and can be done without adding a great deal to the cost. We have ideas and plans to make this service affordable and practical. This service can offer public viewing of your loved one, private viewing by the family only, or closed casket with no viewing. This service can feature a ceremony of closure for the entire family. Full service before cremation with loved one not present. This type of service usually features a large photo of your loved one. Even though cremation has not taken place, the body is not present at the service. Memorial service after cremation has taken place. Usually these services are held several days after the death, and typically involve photos and memorabilia of the deceased. Any combination of the above. The choices are unlimited. Every family should feel free to choose exactly what they want.

How to choose the best provider:

What is your service style?

We are a progressive, modern thinking funeral and cremation services provider. We offer many technological advances to our families and aren’t afraid to try new things. Our focus has always been to bring innovative, technologically advanced services to our families, as well as be a leader in emerging industry trends. By selecting our locally family owned funeral center, you are selecting a cremation provider that is not only cost-effective but also one that is environmentally conscious. We only use environmentally friendly products for cremation services.

Reputation and accountability mean a lot (sometimes you want to get what you paid for, sometimes you don’t).

The old adage that is if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, rings true with funeral and cremation services. Don’t be misled by outside entities or cremation societies selling cheap, quick fix services and merchandise. Experts agree that there is no quick fix to the grief process and by eliminating services it typically extends the grief process. We have been guiding families in this area for over 70 years and offer simple, natural farewell and minimal memorialization services and gatherings, to elaborate spiritual, contemporary funerals and farewells. We were the first funeral home in the area with a website (we now are on our 5th website) and the first to change our name by adding cremation services to it, to reflect our commitment to the cremation friendly family and customer. We have a direct link to this community and invest back in it by supporting many local charities and organizations. Before making your choice of a cremation provider, contact us and give us a chance to tell you about all of our options. We offer greater local value and invest it back into our community, and with us you are not just another number, you are our neighbors and our friends and we care about you.

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