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Celebration of Life Ceremony

Maquoketa area families now have the choice of a Celebration of Life Ceremony instead of a traditional funeral service or memorial service. At Carson’s, we are so committed to supporting this choice that we recently renamed our funeral home the Carson Celebration of Life Center.

A Celebration of Life Ceremony includes the following important elements:

  • Tells the story of a lifetime
  • Is spiritually meaningful but not necessarily religious
  • Reflects your values and traditions
  • Includes elements for every generation of your family
  • Provides time for a casual gathering and the sharing of support
  • Encourages the active participation of family & friends
  • Begins the healing process

Families choose a Celebration of Life Ceremony when they are looking for something a little more casual and more personalized than a traditional funeral service.

Several of our local clergy have embraced the Celebration of Life concept and now offer this style of service to members of their congregations. In addition, Carson’s is the only funeral home in the area to have a Certified Funeral Celebrant on staff. Our Celebrant is uniquely qualified to create memorable and meaningful Celebration of Life Ceremonies for the families we serve.