club hOpe Southmore Strong Fundraiser

Moore than just a game…


On September 20th, the boys of fall will do more than strap on their pads and put on their helmets to play on Friday Night under the lights…they have chosen to make a difference in our country for boys just like them who love football, but who have suffered through the tragedy of a tornado that changed their whole world.

club hOpe has paired up with the BOC of Maquoketa High School and Anamosa High School’s football team to create an event on September 20th for the football game that will be like none they have ever hosted before.The September 20th game between these two Iowa High Schools will be to honor Southmoore High School Football Team who’s members lost homes and parents in the EF-5 tornado that hit the town on Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013. We have paired up with Coach Jim Brickman to honor these football men and their families because we know that they are still in need.

All funds raised from this event will be given to the Southmoore High School Football families that lost their homes, pets, and loved ones to this natural disaster.

We will be selling Southmoore Strong T-shirt starting on September September 3rd at BOTH Maquoketa High School and Anamosa High School. We will be selling Southmoore Strong Bracelets starting on September 9th at BOTH Maquoketa High School and Anamosa High School.

Both Head Coaches for these teams know that their boys will give it their all the night of September 20th to pay tribute to their football brothers in Moore, Oklahoma.

There is also lots of activities and surprises coming with this event.